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Located in present day Adams County, PA which was formed in 1800, Abbottstown is older than Adams County and was the first town in the County.  A copy of the town plan adopted in 1807 shows the Center Square without anything in the interior.  The east-west road (King Street) was designated as the Lincoln Highway.  However, in 1925, the United States instituted a system of numbered highways and eliminated name designations.  In Pennsylvania, the Lincoln Highway became Route 30.  In 1928, Boy Scouts from across the country erected concrete markers along the route, some of which still remains today, in order to preserve the identity of the Lincoln Highway.

The current population is 1,011 and still growing.  About midway between Gettysburg and York, the celebrated Lincoln Highway still transports many tourists as they seek out the Civil War landmarks and other notable historic sites in and around Adams County.  As the nation prepares to commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War, visitation around Adams County is expected to increase to four million people as tourists flock to experience the area’s rich cultural heritage.

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